Tanning Raw Skin and Leather Production

Tanning Raw Skin and Leather Production has a variety of stages that are first processed, converted to Wot Bluff, Crystal, and then the color which, after passing through this trend, is finally ready to sew leather products.

Raw Skin and Leather

Tanning Raw Skin and Leather Production

Each skin may be slightly different from the other skin for processing or tanning, but in some cases it will be like dyeing or paying.

Leather production. If experienced, specialist equipment and new or modern equipment or devices are made, it will be easy and comfortable, and the bulky leather will be factory outlet.

But if any of the above is not met and the problem has occurred, the factory will face a lot of problems.

In tannery, the factory tries to produce the best leather according to its experience, but in the end, due to the low quality of the raw skin, some of the leather is of low quality and, of course, other reasons include improper maintenance before tanning done by the slaughterhouse or the farms Breeding occurs.

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