raw leather Major sales

Raw leather Major sales and Hide

The raw leather Major sales and Hide are manufactured by the manufacturer in the country And few companies are able to provide a lot of raw leather, Because most of Finish leather factories, Ready to produce leather goods.

raw leather Major sales

raw leather Major sales and Hide

According to Hit Raw and Hide Production, It can be claimed that buying and selling various types of leather in different types in the wider country And thriving.

Raw Leather and Hide

When the animal’s skin is clear and clear It enters acid and salt basins And after drying it is called Hide.

Usually, two to three days, wash raw skin and hide with water and special chemical compounds to make it smooth and smooth. This is done after the wool or animal is separated from the skin It takes about three days.

leather sales and Hide

raw leather Major sales and Hide

Hide is a white colored skin that should be taken to become a raw skin And add to those other combinations. Then raw leather is shaved with certain devices And before drying, Mix oil and paint thoroughly.

Raw leather Major sales

Dense and compact leather fibers have provided the condition that the product has a good resistance. The sale of raw leather is largely done on the market.

The leathery product dealers are highly active in this regard And put the finest examples of leather on sale.

raw leather Major sales

raw leather Major sales and Hide

The thicker the leather is the greater, Its durability and durability will increase. For the production and sale of clothing And leathery items can be trusted with such raw leather.

For this purpose, leather should be cut in size at the factory And its parts are sewn together or stick together based on the pattern.