Export ostrich leather skin

Export market ostrich leather skin in Iran

How much of the leather skin of animals such as ostrich, sheep and cattle is exported to other countries? Which one has the most sales in the world markets?
Each of the leather produced by factories and tanners has its special quality and beauty and each manufacturer, depending on the type of need, has Considered special leather for purchase and order and chooses therefore, most Iranian factories are trying to produce a variety of leather at their factory with the best possible quality to provide assurance to buyers or producers in terms of quality.
One of the main criteria for exporting ostrich leather skin types is its high quality because if a leather does not have the required qualities undoubtedly, the value of having exports does not depend towars costs which is formed to export it therefore, it has been tried to prepare just one grade ostrich, sheep and cows leather for export till it has a great economic value.

Export rate Iran leather skin

The leather industry of Iran has been making remarkable progress day by day and this has caused
Until natural leather exports, such as ostrich, sheep and cattle have a very well increase.
So, looking at how to improve the quality of leather exports relative to many years ago, you can easily figure out this.
Sale statistics leather and exports Several years old Iranian leather shows which satisfies foreign customers of the quality of leather, improves the price, It’s enough to compare the export rate accurately with previous years this can be seen precisely and can be more activated in leather export markets.
Most buyers are interested in knowing the amount of Iranian leather exports to other countries but only exporters are often aware of the export figures of leather, but we want to say here the statistics of Iran’s exports to one of the countries of the world, which is very impressive,
Iran exported about $ 1,000,000 in this country in 1993, and in 1994 it was about $ 5,500,000, which we think there is only one reason to increase Trade exchanges ,which is to improve the quality of leather skin of animals.

Export Ostrich Leather skin

One of the most extensive and largest markets in the world is the leather industry, because the leather skin has been used by people since the first human being and so far human beings have made great progress, its used. the best markets exporting leather for producers are typically the leading countries in the garment industry because manufacturers are keen on producing leather products.
Today, a lot of leather can be seen from animals in the world market, such as ostriches, sheep, cows, snakes, camels, fish, crocodiles and other types, each with a specific use, one of the best leather that has been exported for several decades is leather ostrich, Ostrich leather has attracted a lot of buyers since its launch in the world market. Currently, Iran is one of the main ostrich leather producers in the world market, because Iran has one eighth of the world’s ostrich production. ostrich leather skin