Center types leather

rawhide Export Center and types leather

In fact, Export Center types leather and rawhide do not have to deal with the sale and supply of raw skin, but because of the high demand, each of the companies active in the leather industry is exporting.

rawhide Export leather

rawhide Export Center and types leather

In the past few years rawhide’s exports to the leather industry were higher, but the Iranian government, observing this issue, imposed tolls on crude, and generally changed the export of rawhide and leather, or, more simply, the export of leather from rawhide more Be

When the tolls were applied to rawhide, more companies and traders who only operated on rawhide were severely weakened, and no other commercially skilled rumor was available.

By encountering this problem, they often turned to exporting leather types to re-engage in business and business and, to some extent, succeed, but still have to work harder to get a little more power and a hard market for them. Because once they traded a lot of this way.

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