Ostrich leather Special increase export to Turkey

Ostrich leather export, Do you know that Turkey is one of the special countries in the country to buy starch l and in recent years we are seeing increasing exports to this country?

Given the advances that Iran has had in increasing its exports of various products, it is now known as one of the most important exporters for some of its products.

So many buyers go to Iran to buy their fashion product.

Leather is the best Iranian product that has been able to export extensively. Because access to various types of animal skin has also been highlighted, and the leather industry has changed greatly in recent years.

The production of leather from livestock, which is often used for meat, is one of the most important activities that Iranian companies pay attention to.

Ostrich leather production

An ostrich is one of the livestock that is eased by the expansion of its industry in the country and is easy to use for leather production.

The bird has a very delicate skin that retains its quality after tanning and leather production.

Ostrich Leather Export Turkey

Given that ostrich leather is an appropriate product for export, it usually orders the countries that are applying for it to buy them. Turkey can be considered one of those countries that buys a large volume of Iranian ostrich leather every year.

Iranian manufacturers have also recognized Turkey as one of the best markets for selling their products, and will usually be of great interest to the buyers of this country. It offers the finest Leather’s and Finish leather in the country.

The ostrich leather export to countries like Tricks is increasing and getting better every year

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