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Best contemporary designs Ostrich leather wallets exports

Best contemporary designs Ostrich leather wallets exports . When it comes to the leather like Ostrich leather , the products form by it becomes luxurious and extraordinary precious . This leather is normally produce by the continent of Africa .

Additionally , various countries of the continent of Africa are famous because of the production of Ostrich leather such as Zimbabwe , Namibia , Botswana . Further , these countries tan the Ostrich skin in different processes .

History of Ostrich leather

If we look in the history , the commercial farming of ostriches began in 1850s , South Africa . Moreover , the farmers of that time , saw the grasp of attention and the ability of attraction present in Ostrich feathers harvesting . These people saw an enormous economic progress in this feature .

Additionally , as the time passed by , people started using ostrich feathers in various products such as :

  • Stylish hats
  • Automobiles seat and others

Moreover , later , people started taking and buying the skin and raw hides of ostriches from the meat industries and started producing the products of high demand . Further , at that time cowboy boots were very common especially the ones made by ostrich leather .

Best contemporary designs Ostrich leather wallets

Production of best contemporary designs Ostrich leather wallets

Leather like the Ostrich leather is highly demanded and considered so precious . Moreover , the rawhides of ostriches , has gone through various steps to reach to the leather form . Commonly , the production of Ostrich leather is divided in the following steps :

  • Raw
  • Crust
  • Finished product

Additionally , these steps need skilled producers and manufacturers . The delicacy of the skin of Ostrich demands professionalism , at a high rate .

Further , if we talk about the steps of the production of Ostrich leather , The very first stage , Raw is very important . Moreover , this stage includes :

  • The cleaning of raw material
  • Pre-soaking of the hides
  • Trimming of the material
  • The use of Chromium Sulfate , which turns the material into chrome-tanned . This is also known as Wet blue . This almost involves 15 steps till it becomes something like bluish and ready to set out and dry .

Additionally , the crust and finishing together with raw , make a process of almost 30 steps ! All these steps at the end form Ostrich leather which leads to the production of various products such as wallets .

Best contemporary designs Ostrich leather wallets

Grace of Ostrich leather wallets

The South African tanners normally export the finished material formed by Ostrich Skin , to the manufactures of Europe and East Asia . Later on these producers , use Ostrich leather in making various products .

Additionally , wallets form by Ostrich leather , are very famous because of their unique designs and look . These wallets have an unbeatable and admirable grace among all the products of Ostrich leather .

Best contemporary designs Ostrich leather wallets




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