Cow Leather Export and Import in the Middle East

Middle East is one of the main fields of cow leather export and import in the world. Because there are many active countries in this area, including Iran, Has created these squares.


Import and export are always regarded as two powerful forces in the profit making industry.

Cow’s leather is of great value today And many manufacturers consider the only choice of cow leather to produce their leathery products.

Cow Leather Export and Import in the Middle East Has become one of the main goals of profitability in the countries of the region. Accordingly, the import and export representation in the country based on the needs of this industry, It implements all the necessary parameters for more profitability.

cow leather export and import

Cow leather is one of the most heavily ladies leather products, due to which it is of special importance. On the other hand, the strength and high quality of cow’s leather is a key element in the selection of this product plays an important role.

Importing cow leather to the country will provide a major part of the market’s need, and this is one of the most important issues importers are considering.

Imports are not for the sole purpose of supplying the market, and another important reason that can be mentioned for import is the injection of a high quality product into the production market.

Cow Leather Export in the Middle East

The Middle East is the main hub for the leather trade in the world. Existing producers such as Iran, Has transformed the Middle East into an important center for leather trade.

Exports of Iran’s Cow Leather to the Middle East by the official representative of Iran’s exports to the country through initial preparations, It is completely legal.

Exports of high quality leather cats to European and Asian countries, It will also provide business without borders.

In this regard, all exporters and economic activists are invited to produce cow leather To turn their experiences into the center for investment.

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