Natural and Raw leather types Business Center

In the Natural and Raw Leather types Business Center, undoubtedly the best types of leather are available from its top manufacturers in Iran As well as the ability to export and other better services are also seen, You can even act as a representative.

Natural and Raw leather

In the tanning of raw skin, animals such as cattle are produced. When tanned, these animals are naturally flexible And permanent ones that can be used in a variety of industries.

There are a variety of natural and natural herbs and animals on the market And even some have produced it humanly, but it is not at all understandable and not, Most natural skin use was related to the animal species And even the type of herb does not have much to eat and demand.

The natural herbal skin also comes from the tannin plant root, which is very flexible And its color is brown.

One of the disadvantages of genuine leather is that if you dry it after soaking, It is wrinkled and its flexibility is reduced, And in hot water it is more wrinkled And in addition to becoming stiff, it becomes brittle.

leather types Business Center

According to researchers, leather is a skin that is in the stage before tanning And nothing has been done to increase their shelf life.

Also, to export raw leather from city to city, it is necessary to use refrigerated cars so that the leather does not corrupt along the path.

Iran is one of the top countries in producing types of leather in the world But only some provinces are able to turn raw skin into natural leather, Among these provinces are Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad and Tabriz.

Most leather manufacturers, for the most benefit from global trade and exports, With the trading center, you can work with a variety of raw and natural leather and you can buy the best.

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