Raw skin exports and leather

Raw skin exports and leather have grown significantly in recent years Because this product is produced in very high quality in Iran.


Raw skin and leather can be used for various uses This has led the product to be of interest to many.

Raw skin and leather are among the commodities that have been exported to many countries with significant growth.

This product can be in colors And purchased various designs according to the needs And used.

Raw skin and skin are measured at the foot scale Which is 30.5 cm. This product is of very high resistance And unique.

Raw leather sale and leather

Due to the marvelous beauty of Raw skin and leather, It is one of the most popular products Which is very used.

Raw skin and leather can be used for various uses This has made the product attractive to countless people.

Raw skin types and leather

Leather can be produced using different animal skin These include snakes, crocodiles, ostriches, camels, sheep, cattle and goats.

The variation in Raw skin types and skin has made all people tasteful And need to be able to make and use this product.

Leather and raw skin are among the products Which has been very popular since the past.

Raw skin and leather is one of the most exquisite products in the field of export But the raw skin of animals should be tanned and turned into leather So that it can be used well for export.

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