skin and raw leather

Export skin and raw leather

Skin and raw leather These are the qualities that make it possible to produce very different products And this has led to a significant increase in their exports.

skin and raw leather

Export skin and raw leather

With skin Export and raw leather, you can earn a significant profit And this has led many merchants to export the product.

Leather is a genus that has been used extensively from time to time And this has made it colorful today And very different designs And produce beauty To fit all tastes And different needs. This product has high quality and high resistance.

Production of clothing with skin and raw leather

Use of skin and raw leather to make clothes So that everyone can use a quality product.

Thanks to the beauty and delicacy of leather, this makes it possible So that they can make clothes that are suitable for all age groups.

Leathery suits include jackets, coats and trousers Which has a lot of designs and models.

price of skin and raw leather

skin and raw Natural leather are products that are produced in Iran at a significant scale That’s why this product has a decent price.

Suitable prices and high quality of skin and raw leather produced in Iran This product has been found to be of interest to many European countries.

Iranian leather in quality approved by many leathery manufacturers And European merchants And now there are orders for skin export and raw leather.

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