Tanned leather of All kinds

Tanned leather of All kinds Buy

All kinds of high quality Tanned Leather are on the market You can buy different products by buying them And used.

Tanned leather of All kinds

Tanned leather of All kinds Buy

Tanned leather has a variety of types Which makes it possible for the same reason So that people can buy this product according to their needs And use.

Tanning leather can be used to create beautiful products in the shortest time. Tanning or leather fabrication makes this possible To get quality leather. Tannery has been practiced in Iran from very far away to the present day.

Today, new methods are used to tan the skin of animals Which causes tanning to be done in the shortest possible time.

Types of tanned leather

Including tanned leather that can be produced on the market And used, leather ostrich, cattle, sheep and goats Which has some special features.

Diversity in leather has made everyone possible Buy this product according to your taste and need And use. Leather is of a kind that has long been So far, it has been used to produce various products.

The price of tanned leather

Tanned leather has been marketed at various prices So that everyone can make it.

Among other leather, ostrich leather is more expensive It also has a lot more beauty and quality Which is why it is one of the most luxurious.

The price of tanned leather is determined in accordance with the quality of leather But in some cases, prices may decrease or increase And because of that, there is little or too little production and exports of raw leather And leathery products have a great impact on this.

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