Ostrich leather and skin

Ostrich leather and skin Export

Ostrich leather and skin Export traders benefit greatly. Leather and skin of the Iranian ostrich are very high quality and have a large share of exports.

Ostrich leather and skin

Ostrich leather and skin Export

Livestock breeders earn revenue from ostrich meat sales The meat of this animal is very lucrative and prescribed for many diseases. Cosmetics manufacturers around the world They use this very valuable oil to make their own cosmetic products.

After killing ostriches and separating the skin from meat, The skin is transmitted to tanning plants for leather production.

The resulting leather is of high quality and has a unique beauty. Regarding quality, they graded the leather. Leather of a large size as well as of high quality For export, it is sold at a higher price than other leather.

Iran Ostrich leather and skin Export

The quality of leather produced in Iran is an example.

In cities such as Mashhad and Varamin, quality leather is produced And export many to Asian and European countries.

The high strength and beautiful appearance of Iranian ostrich leather has attracted the attention of many applicants from other countries.

Manufacturers with Ostrich leather Export have been able to help the country’s economic prosperity And the ability of Iranians to take on the countries of neighboring and European countries. By investing in Ostrich leather Export, Iranian merchants have made significant gains.

Ostrich skin Export

Ostrich skin Export is done by many real and legal people There is no doubt that there is so much profit, so Ostrich leather and skin can be very special.

More true Ostrich crust leather export Because the raw and non-tanned ostriches have export problems And there are many reasons for this, so ostrich leather is a priority and its benefits are also greater than the skin.

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