leather ostrich tanning

leather ostrich skin tanning

tanning Leather Ostrich skin is carried out by a specialized leather factory and this is due to the quality improvement for ostrich leather export, because leather is considered an export.

leather ostrich skin tanning

leather ostrich skin tanning

The research on Ostrich skin has shown that this skin has a very strong resistance and a good fit to produce a durable leather.
In many countries, the objective is to use an ostrich to use leather.

Many compare the ostrich skin with crocodile skin and in some cases believe that Ostrich skin is better than Crocodile skin.
In Iran, due to the demand of people for ostrich products, many livestock breeders have been rewarding the rearing of this valuable animal, and there are a lot of skins going to the leather production plants.

Ostrich skin tanning

Ranchers send meat ostriches to slaughterhouses at the desired time. After ostrich slaughter and the separation of meat from the skin, it is very important to send the skin to the leather manufacturing factories in the country to become quality leather.

Ostrich skin has different qualities. Roughness, rupture and large size are the best of them. The manufacturers of leather production should professionally make the tanning stove, the better the skin is, the more tangible the leather is to produce. After tanning, they graded the produced leather.

leather ostrich skin

After ostrich raw skin tanning by the leather factory, it becomes ostrich skin leather or leather crust and is colored or crushed upon request by customers, as most ostrich leather export is related to The type of ostrich is raw skin skin, also if the color is called finish or colored.

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