Ostrich raw skin leather

Ostrich raw skin sale And leather

Ostrich raw skin becomes a valuable leather after tanning. This resistant and quality leather is sold at various prices.

Ostrich raw skin leather

Ostrich raw skin sale And leather

The production and production of ostriches is increasing every day in the country. Ostrich slaughters according to age and weight. After killing the animal, they separate the flesh and skin, each of which has a high value.

In order to get the best skin out of this skin, it must be carefully separated from the ostrich carcasses. Also, the age and density of the feathers of this animal is very important.

Raw skins are used for tanning in leather production plants. After the conversion process, they separate the leather with different ualities. The quality of ostrich leather produced in Iran is very high and always has its own permanent customers.

ostrich raw skin price

Ostrich raw skin because it can not be exported It has a low price. To make the skin more valuable, it should become a quality leather.

One of the most important products used in various manufacturing industries is leather. After converting the ostrich skin into leather, it is used for garment products such as coats, bags, women’s and men’s shoes, and many more.

The leather produced in factories is separated in a variety of qualities. They consider their best at higher export prices.

ostrich raw skin leather

The ostrich raw skin leather is used exclusively for export Because the leather is not perfect and it needs to be colored and when it is exported out By dyeing manufacturers.

The main reason for the export of ostrich leather is that overseas uses new tricks for colored leather or raw leather. Also, in the time of color, new designs are painted in ostrich leather.

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