ostrich leather goods

ostrich leather goods Export

Ostrich Leather goods Export to foreign countries has made Iran’s product a world renown And the production of such products will increase.

ostrich leather goods

ostrich leather goods Export

Ostrich leather is one of the most resistant and unique leather in the world Which has a special beauty.

This product is not the export of the country, and it has made the product available to foreign markets And foreign customers also realize the quality and quality of this product.

One of the most prominent features of these leather is that it is very resistant to dryness and cracking, This prominent feature has multiplied the sales of this product in foreign and domestic markets.

Ostrich leather goods

Ostrich leather has a special beauty and is considered by designers of bags and shoes. This product has high flexibility and competition with leather alligator and snake.

Ostrich leather products are popular with certain customers. However, this product in the country is sold by a small number of sellers.

Ostrich leather is thicker than cow leather, so it also has a high resistance. The products made of ostrich leather are durable and have a long lifespan, making them well-liked.

Ostrich leather products will last a long time, If care is taken to keep these products in check.

leather goods Export

The raw skin of animals after tanning in the leather factory is being turned into leather goods manufacturing centers Of course, overseas but for some time Iranian producers have been producing leather goods And then it completes the complete export process.

This way, not only will it be done, but also the leather industry And Iranian goods in other countries of the world become more valuable And in the future, tourism and many businessmen will travel to Iran.

Meanwhile, the export of leather products and raw leather and other Iranian products is increasing day by day.

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