Leather Sales Center

Natural and Raw Leather Sales Center

Many factories and companies are active in Natural and Raw Leather. After providing quality leather, these companies sell them at an affordable price in a prestigious center.

natural and Raw leather

Natural and Raw Leather Sales Center

Semi finished leather is called raw leather. This tanned leather has been painted but has not yet become a product.

Natural raw leather comes from different animals like cows, sheep, goats and ostriches. And each one has different types. Natural leather is provided by exporters and manufacturers And basically looking for the best and most quality leather.

This leather is very suitable for the production of leather goods such as bags and shoes and quality clothing. There are many factories in different cities that produce very high quality leather.

These factories, with the establishment of reputable agencies and centers, Sells its quality leather.

raw and natural leather online sales

Types of natural and raw leather are produced in the country. Many customers have no easy access to high quality leather cities in the country.

Manufacturers have made their customers cheaper by selling online stores. These online stores provide their products at the best price to their buyers.

Or purchase from the Internet websites of these manufacturers to the quality of the products As well as ensuring the authenticity of the goods.

natural and Raw leather

Leather of animals have their own claimants, In addition, natural leather is divided into raw and fines That raw type is one step before dyeing or eating Finish Leather is a full leather ready made leather product that goes into sewing centers or manufacturers.

Raw leather has its own specialty that most exporters or traders order it for purchase Because foreign countries do not fully approve the color of Iran, Unless the Iranian color yields the necessary certainty.

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