leather exporter company

Iran leather top exporter company

Iran in leather top exporter company has a lot of backgrounds in the field of leather trade with the most important countries in the world and the customers have mostly been satisfied.

leather exporter company

Iran leather top exporter company

Many animal leather is considered by the people of the world. Iran has introduced leather products of its high quality as one of the world’s leading leather manufacturers in the world, which is always interested in buying leather from Iran from neighboring countries and even European countries.

In many Iranian cities, there is a good climate for livestock breeding, which has led many people to take industrial and traditional livestock breeding.

Ranchers, in addition to using the meat of these livestock, also earn money by selling their valuable livestock. Exporting companies have a special look at exporting Iranian quality leather. These exports are very profitable.

Iranian leather exports price

Different types of skin are tanned in the country’s leather manufacturing factories, and their quality is distinguished and they are priced for different markets.

Most leather and high quality leather are considered for export, and leather exports are sold at a higher price.

The quality of Iranian leather has increased exports to Asian countries such as Iraq, Pakistan and China. Of course, European countries like Italy have a strong interest in Iranian leather.

Top Leather Exporter company

Most of the foreign leather customers in Iran due to lack of time to improve the process, Exports to a leather exporting company In some cases, in this case, the price of finished leather of Iran is more suitable and the final quality of work is more.

In the meantime, some of the Iranian leather exporter companies are recognized as superior and receive export awards, of course, for customers and their customers.

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