Ostrich Natural Leather

Ostrich Natural Leather Types production

The production of natural leather such as ostrich, cow, bush is very high, and the best of it is ostrich leather, Because of its unique beauty, this leather is one of the most popular leather.

Ostrich Natural Leather

Ostrich Natural Leather Types production

Among the leather on the market, naturally due to more demand and abundant production, The sale of cattle and sheepskin leather is very high.

But ostrich leather is considered to be a special leather in the world Making it one of the most popular natural leather in the world.

The natural leather of the ostrich has a variety of quality and size with respect to these elements.

Natural Leather Types production

The natural ostrich leather of Iran is one of the most unique leather in the world.

In the global market, the demand for this leather is abundant This leather is offered at a different price because of its scarcity and tannicity compared to other types of leather.

The use of natural ostrich leather in the industry

Manufacturers are always thinking of producing unique products than other competitors. Manufacturers of leather goods are no different from this.

Although most leather goods are used in products such as bags, shoes, and clothing But many famous brands like European automakers, cowhide and ostriches are used in their products.

Features of the leather of the ostrich

The leather of the ostrich has, with its beauty and strength, placed itself in a very good position. This precious leather has special features than other leather. Its high resistance to heat.

Research has shown that the thermal resistance of this leather is about 6 times more than other leather. These features have produced an ever increasing number of ostrich leather.

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