natural raw leather

Mashhad natural raw leather exports

it is interesting to know. Iran is one of the oldest countries in the field of leather exports, and this city of Mashhad can be considered as one of the best producers of natural raw leather in Iran.

natural raw leather

Mashhad natural raw leather exports

The intense interest of Asian countries as well as Europeans in Iranian leather is highlighting the quality and quality of this product. Mashhad has been able to produce high-quality natural leather products to one of the country’s top exporters.

Although many profiteers have been importing non quality leather in the country But by no means can they compete with leather goods, such as fine leather of Mashhad.

Ostrich natural raw leather

Among the natural leather products of Mashhad, the raw leather of ostrich and camels can be considered the best and most productive of its products.

With its warm and dry weather, Mashhad is a good place to live camels, so it is important to grow this animal in Mashhad.

This beautiful, highly valued product has provided the field for export as much as possible and has contributed to the boom in the economy by exporting its products.

Leather camel’s neck

One of the most unique natural leather products in Mashhad is leather shell neck.

This highly popular product is of high value and, given the parallel veins in the texture of this leather, has made it one of the most beautiful leather in the world.

These quality products are ready for export to Iraq, Russia, Turkey, as well as European countries.

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