Raw natural Leather

Raw and natural Leather sale center

Natural leather and raw has a great variety that can be bought and used through the sales center of this product. Among the most widely used and widely used products, these are natural and raw leather, which, in addition to the beauty, have high quality and high resistance.

Raw natural Leather

Raw and natural Leather sale center

Natural leather has a very high diversity, which makes it perfectly suited to the needs of all people with a wide range of tastes. Among the natural leather, leather, made from goat, cattle, sheep and ostrich can be pointed out, each of which has differences in appearance and quality.

Natural leather features

Given the fact that many artificial leather with a high diversity is marketed, it is difficult to detect natural leather from the artificial one.

Given the special properties of natural leather, this product can be recognized as an artificial type. Natural leather is usually labeled Because the products produced by these products are branded Popularly marketed.

One of the most important features of natural leather is that it has a special smell that, fortunately, has provided a very easy way to distinguish natural leather from the artificial one. It is also worth noting that the price of leather is much higher than the market for other leather.

Other features of the natural leather, which is very tangible It is that the natural leather has a heterogeneous surface that can be best understood by touching its surface. Due to the points and features mentioned, it is possible to buy non quality artificial leather.

Natural and raw leather

Natural leather and skin are different. Typically, people are familiar with all kinds of leather, although some people think that leather raw or skin leather raw, raw skin is an animal, but in fact raw leather or leather skin, leather Non colored, but also called crust leather or crus.

Raw natural leather is used more for export because it uses a more affordable price and is more cost-effective for customers. It’s also easier to export.

Special raw leather for export is offered by the leather sales center at the factory or by the representative of the factory and leather companies in the Iranian market.

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