leather Buy Sale

natural leather Mashhad Buy And Sale Market

The natural leather buy and Sale market is growing in Mashhad with a boom, as it has a high quality and high resistance.

leather Buy Sale

natural leather Mashhad Buy And Sale Market

Mashhad is among the most well-known provinces producing leather products that offers a variety of natural leather products of high quality.

Due to its high quality and high resistance to leather products, it has a significant share of sales and sales on the market.

Leather has been marketed in many different types, including natural and artificial leather.

Natural leather has a higher quality than artificial leather because it has a certain amount of oil in its structure and texture. Which makes it possible to produce products made using this leather Have a longer durability.

Natural leather and its price

Natural leather has a very high diversity, which makes the product available at a variety of prices. This product is classified according to the production time and also the type in different categories.

The types of natural leather produced include leather, cats, ostriches, as well as sheepskins, with ostrich leather produced at a higher price. Natural leather is one of the that has been used widely for many uses from time immemorial to today.

Natural Leather Exports

Natural leather is one of the products that can be exported to a remarkable advantage.

Fortunately, the country has a very favorable conditions for producing this product And this has made our country one of the largest producers and exporters of this product in the region.

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