Iran Leather Types

Iran Leather Types export center

Iran Leather Export Center is trying to provide a variety of natural leather and even artificial leather at an affordable price in the world market to make people in the world of Iranian leather better known.

Iran Leather Types

Iran Leather Types export center

Fortunately, our country has a very unique geographic location to produce a variety of natural leather This has made the product one of the most popular and most important export products, which is at the center of many traders’ attention.

With the export of natural leather to the European drafts, you can make significant gains because the product is in countries with a lot of fans. Iranian leather is considered to be the best-quality leather because livestock and poultry are cultivated in good condition.

Iran Leather Center

Each country has a supply and sale center for selling their products.In Iran, there are also centers for selling leather, which are almost the sales unit of all leather factories in Iran.The Iranian leather center also has many benefits for its customers.

Due to the very special beauty and elegance of Iranian leather, this product is used in the fashion world. Designers use this product to produce a variety of bags, shoes, belts and clothing and are available to consumers.

Leather, made from cow and ostrich, including leather, produced in Iran Each of them has its own features Which can be made and used according to the need and type of use.

Leather Types export center

The Iranian leather export center has a lot of sales opportunities as the leather supply center can leverage the price of leather sales. Especially in the field of exports, of course, with regard to Iranian leather exports, the leather center operates independently and, to some extent, it exports leather.

European countries are among the most sought after Iranian leather buyers. Iran manufactures this product in raw form and uses the latest and the latest technologies of the world to produce products that stares at everyone’s eyes.

Leather produced in Iran is dyed with very beautiful and special colors available to consumers.

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