sheep Ostrich leather

sheep and Ostrich leather Property

Are you aware of the unique nature of Ostrich leather property? Do you know this leather is more Durability than sheep and cattle?

sheep Ostrich leather

sheep and Ostrich leather Property

Due to the fact that different types of leather can provide better conditions for the sale of manufacturers, therefore, most factories are trying to produce different types of leather. Especially in Iran, which has easy access to various animal skins and can be best suited for production.
Sheepskin and bovine leather are the oldest types of leather in Iran that are being marketed by various manufactures. That’s why we can see a lot of these kinds of leather in the world market.

Today, another type of leather is produced in Iran, and many people buy and use it in the global market. This leather is made from ostrich skin, which has a lot of durability.

Ostrich leather features

The purpose of the attention paid to the production of ostrich leather in Iran, here is the variety in the production of various factories, which is also important. Therefore, each leather grade ostrich factory produces and markets the oysters according to the standards. Below are some of the features of ostrich leather that has been able to make other leather items like sheep better.

• More resistance and ease of production of various products

• Having beautiful follicles

• Greater brilliance than other leather

• Use them for various products such as bags, shoes, coats …

• Easily create color variations

Ostrich leather market

All of the features mentioned above now make ostrich leather one of the best and use its various products.

The leather has a very good export market, which makes it most used by manufacturers. Ostrich leather can therefore be considered as one of the most profitable products.

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