sale ostrich leather

Representation Export sale of ostrich leather Iran

Exports of leather from Iran done by which centers? Can all the centers export ostrich leather or bovine? Which sales representatives and the company have such capabilities?

export ostrich leather

Representation Export sale of ostrich leather Iran

Leather is one of the most basic consumer goods in the production of bags, shoes and leather clothing, Countries like Turkey, Korea, Armenia, China and several European countries, like Italy, Thailand, Germany, are one of the leading manufacturers in the clothing industry.

Large companies in the country are engaged in the production of leather goods some of these companies have high sales power, which will increase their production and use more raw materials As a result, they require leather shopping.

Different types of leather, such as ostriches, cows and sheep, have the highest sales and a lot of it is sold by sales agents to manufacturing factories currently, the representative Iranian factories are located in other countries most manufacturers make purchases from them because it’s less difficult to export than from Iran.

Sale Iran Ostrich Leather

Ostrich leather sales are easier with dealers because they are directly linked to producers in other countries, Due to the quality of Iranian leather, Iranian leather has attracted many producers and has caused many people to set up a sales representative in other countries of course, the factories do not grant representation to everyone this will increase the price of sales for some manufacturers, which will cause them to be discontented.

Iran is strong in ostrich leather production because it has the monopoly breeding ostriches and at the same time, this breeding has made the live ostrich export direct from Iran to Iraq and Armenia, Qatar, Afghanistan .it can be said that after Africa, Iran is one of the main ostrich leather producers in the world and the quality of ostrich leather in Iran equals itself with Africa.

As most people know, ostrich leather is one of the most beautiful and most valuable leather in the world and anyone can produce it, so many countries are trying to get direct export representation from Iran.

Export ostrich leather iran

With increasing annual growth ostrich leather every year in the world, the production of raw and ready-made leather increases accordingly Hence, sales it will increase too. in the leather industry,Iranian ostrich leather is one of the best known and Iran exports a lot of it to other countries in order to improve the quality of ostrich leather every year, To increase customer satisfaction,it also Increases in sales.

One of the reasons for the increase in sales of ostrich leather products is that all consumers find that the natural products are better suited to the human body and skin, and is much better for health.

A few dispersed factories in the world are active in the leather industry, one of the most strong and active countries in the tanning industry and producing ostrich leather, beef and sheepskin products is Iran.

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