Export leather ostrich

Export natural leather skin ostrich to Turkey

Export leather ostrich. Is it good quality the leather skin of Iran? And can be export? What is Turkey’s import rate in the raw leather industry from different countries? How Ostrich Leather Can Be Exported?

Export leather ostrich

Export natural leather skin ostrich to Turkey

The production of some products in each country is high and that product may also be considered an export commodity and usually the product of export has a very high quality, because they Have found specialty in such products.

and they even design new technology for their own manufacturing work.

Currently, Iran is considered one of the top countries in the raw skin and animal leather industry and every year it’s usually added to its production and the surplus is on the inside needs, which has led Iran to export this product to other countries such as Turkey, Armenia, Dubai, Qatar, Turkmenistan and several other countries.

exports leather skin ostrich to Turkey

How many years is in Iran, the breeding of a variety of livestock, especially ostriches, cattle and sheep has been well-developed.and almost has come to industrial form and this increases the production of high quality leather And then the tannery process in the factory has a significant impact on the quality of leather output.

of course, Iranian factories today have a high potential in leather production and also their Apparatus and equipment Have updated.

The same simple issues boost the export of leather to Turkey and this country is one of the main customers of leather, especially ostrich leather.

All leather goods export from Iran to Turkey are quite natural and Turkey also uses leather for producing leather goods such as bag, shoe and overcoat.

Because we all know well ,One of the major countries in the field of clothing production, which has a very high quality, is turkey, because they have a lot of experience and expertise in this industry.

Exports of natural leather ostriches

All groups of society like to use natural products That leather goods are also in this category, but what is the reason for that most people prefer to use natural products?

Of course, this is a very simple question Because most people know the reason And that is for everyone’s health, But our intention was just to remind, natural leather has proximity and better compatibility with human skin And this has led to high sales in different countries of the world.

Natural leather is less found in some countries of the world And this is because of the lack of a leather production plan of course the reason is not having raw skin the animals like ostrich because they can not nurture.

ostrich breeding and production is only taking place in a few countries in the world and now Iran is considered one of the main ones.

The export of Iran ostrich leather to Turkey has been high and every year it is also increasing.

Exports ostrich leather from Iran to the whole world are currently taking place.

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